How to Pray Effectively… 4 Steps to Manifest Your Miracle

The topic of prayer is a difficult one to grasp for many. Either time gets in the way, or intimidation sets in. After all, we think.. why should God listen to what I have to say?

Please know that God is VERY INTERESTED in hearing from you. Not only that, He is very interested in guiding you and answering your prayer. He may not always answer in the way you imagine, but He ALWAYS answers.

One big reason people avoid prayer is simply because they don’t know how to pray. And if you’re like me, you procrastinate as much as possible when it comes to doing things you don’t know how to do.

The purpose of this article is to help you get around this obstacle so instead of procrastinating, you deliberately find and spend time in prayer. It doesn’t have to be an hours long process. Even 5 minutes can work wonders. I have spent years learning about and practicing prayer, and I have found many different methods. Interestingly enough, they all have the 4 characteristics I will demonstrate here. If you want to make your prayers powerful and effective, here’s the formula to use:

  1. Praise and worship – All of the great prayers of the Bible begin with praise. Even before Jesus’s greatest miracles, He thanked God before it happened. Before you “submit your request” in prayer, spend a few moments pondering how good and powerful God is. Focus on the great things He has already done for you. Reflect on His greatness and love, and the fact that He has full control of everything in the universe, including your life.  Know that He only has the best for you in mind. You may even want to go as far as thanking Him now for answering your prayer, even though it hasn’t been answered yet. When you focus on God and His power and goodness first, it opens the door for His miracle-working power to act in your life.
  2. Forgiveness – This step may be more difficult than prayer itself. For many of you, the idea of God’s willingness to forgive you on the spot is a foreign one. However, Psalm 103 says that God’s memory of our sin is “as far as the east is from the west”.  Again, you don’t have to get in-depth here. Spend a minute or two acknowledging any mistakes or wrong actions that come to mind and ask for forgiveness. This will remove any barriers to your prayer being answered, especially those in your own mind. You are less likely to think negative thoughts of doubt and guilt, which allow God to act without you getting in your own way.
  3. Ask away – Here is where you present your heartfelt needs to God. It’s ironic that He already knows what you need and is well aware of your deepest desires. Yet He wants you to ask anyway. It keeps you in communication with Him and acknowledges your dependence on Him. In your own power you can do nothing, but with God all things are possible. Please keep in mind that there is nothing God does not want to hear. As long as your prayer won’t hurt you or someone else, God is all for it! In fact, He says that whatever you ask according to His goodness He will do for you!
  4. Let go and enjoy! – Another one that may be easier said than done. Our tendency is to hold on and think of all the ways the answer may or may not happen. Please don’t overburden yourself this way! I once heard someone say that if you hold on, it’s like playing a game of catch, yet trying to run and catch your own ball after you throw it. The most effective prayers are those you “throw” to God, let Him catch it, and wait for a response, next steps to take, or even an immediate answer. Remember that God is in full control, He is on your side, and He can do it all. Allow Him to do this for you. In addition, when you live joyfully and thankfully, knowing His answer is imminent, it speeds up the process of your miracle arriving.

These 4 steps can drastically increase your prayer life and corresponding results. Please know that there are other ways to pray. In fact, the best way to pray is the way you feel most comfortable. If you are seeking other ways to pray, I present several in my book “30 Days to a More Powerful Life”.

I wish you the best in manifesting your greatest desires. I hope these steps can help you in motivating you to spend more time in prayer, and feeling more comfortable and empowered as you use them. I strongly believe you will see quick and convincing results. As always, I invite you to share here how your prayers have been answered. Enjoy the blessings 🙂


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